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Cost of Category B Driving Tests

Cost of Category B Driving Tests

I was recently asked to provide details of the cost of category B driving tests in different countries in Europe the information was obtained by means of an Email survey of EFA members. These figures are the charge for the government test and do not include the hire of a car in which to take a practical test or the cost of training. All currency conversions were done in February 2016 by The European Commission InforEuro Currency converter.


  Local Currency Euro Local Currency Euro Euro
Country Theory Test Practical Test Total
Moldova 80 MDL[1] 3.58 100 MDL 4.47 8.05
Italy 0.00 16.00 16.00
Czech Republic For both 700 CZK[2] 25.90 25.90
Luxembourg for both 30.00 30.00
Slovakia for both 33.00 33.00
Portugal[3] IMTANIECA 15.00 17.00 30.00 42.00 45.0059.00
Hungary 4600 HUF[4] 14.67 11000 HUF 35.10[5] 49.77
Belgium 15.00 36.00 51.00
Honk Kong For both 510 HK$[6] 60.03 60.03
Austria 11.00 60.00 71.00
Denmark[7] For both 600 DKK[8] 80.40 80.40
Iceland 3200 IKR[9] 22.55 8900 IKR 62.73 85.28
Spain For both 90.30 90.30
Germany 20.83 84.97 105.80
Great Britain 23 GBP[10] 30.17 62 GBP 81.33 111.50
Netherlands 31.00 98.25 129.25
Ireland 45.00 85.00 130.00
Switzerland[11] 40 CHF[12] 36.18 125 CHF 113.09 149.27
Norway 580 NKR[13] 61.40 1010 NKR 106.90 168.00

I’m not sure quite what it is that all these different prices indicate. I have always been told that the price of testing in Great Britain reflects the actual cost of providing a driving test.

One might expect that the main part of the test fee would be to cover the cost of examiner wages and looking at net average wages in Europe that seems to work. The average wage in Moldova at €190 is one of the lowest and Norway at €3,212 one of the highest. However, Luxembourg whose test fee is one of the lowest at €30 has one of the highest average wages at €3,149. I suspect the provision of premises might have a part to play and of course in some countries all or part of the test may be conducted in the private sector and profits need to be made. In some counties I suspect that government might subsidise the cost of the driving test.


[1] MDL – Moldovan Leu

[2] CZK Czech Koruna

[3] In Portugal exams by public authority (IMT) and by private organisation (ANIECA)

[4] HUF Hungarian Forint

[5] In Hungary a first-aid exam is also required: 6850 HUF = 21.86 Euro

[6] HK$ Honk Kong Dollar (The Hong Kong Driving School is an associate member of EFA)

[7] In Denmark there is one fee for both tests but the same fee is payable each time a test is failed

[8] Danish krone

[9] IKR Icelandic Krona

[10] GBP Great Britain Pound

[11] Average price individual Canton’s vary their prices.

[12] CHF Swiss Franc

[13] NKR Norwegian Krone

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