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Consultancy/Expert Witness/CaseWork


I currently undertaking a couple of consultative positions in GB, Europe and the Middle East.

I am happy to consider any consultation proposals related to:

  • providing expert witness evidence and advice in legal cases involving driver trainers
  • speaking engagements on related matters
  • advice regarding driver trainer customer service matters
  • EU related projects
  • association administration

Expert witness

From time to time I am asked to undertake expert witness work. I have acted as an expert witness on a number of occasion in driver training related matters. However, I have quite limited court experience having only appeared in court on a couple of occasions, nearly all the cases I have been involved in have been settled out of court.

This is an example of an expert witness report I provided several years ago, the case has now been settled. It is redacted to protect the identity of the instructor and pupil. Report REDACTED

Case Work

I was involved from time to time in representing MSA GB members who had disputes with the DVSA. Some were regarding individual driving tests others might concern matters where members were being considered for removal from the register.

This is a report of a case that was published in Newslink all the members details have been changed to protect their identity. Newslink article

I have represented MSA members at the Transport Tribunal this paper is a decision  of the  Transport Tribunal, edited and redacted, of one case that I worked on. As you can see I did not win them all. Tribunal decision REDACTED



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