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Why a John Blog

The idea of my writing a blog is to give me the opportunity to tell people what I’m up to on behalf of MSA and EFA

  • MSA news items are transmitted via the LATEST NEWS …… menu on the MSA website
  • Details of posts are transmitted to MSA members via the MSA GB Facebook page
  • Posts are also tweeted to MSAGB Twitter followers
  • The MSA has a Linkedin group where items of interest can be discussed
  • MSA also publish the widely respected news magazine Newslink sent to every member every month
  • EFA also have their own web site at

I will try to use this blog to give information about what I am doing for the MSA and for EFA. Who I’m talking to and what meetings I’m attending. I’ll also try to share the answers to some of the questions I get asked

If there is anything you would particularly like me to write about please send me an Email


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