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Why a John Blog

The original idea of my writing a blog was to give me the opportunity to tell people what I was up to on behalf of MSA GB and EFA. Now that I have retired I will use it as my personal soap box.

For information about The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain (MSA GB) or The European Driving Schools Association (EFA) please use the links below.

  • MSA GB news items are transmitted via the LATEST NEWS …… menu on the MSA GB website
  • Details of posts are transmitted to MSA GB members via the MSA GB Facebook page
  • Posts are also tweeted to MSAGB Twitter followers
  • The MSA GB has a Linkedin group where items of interest can be discussed
  • MSA GB also publish the widely respected news magazine Newslink sent to every member every month
  • EFA also have their own web site at

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