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Transparency data on departmental spending

Today I received an email from the Department of Transport concerning Transparency data on departmental spending in October 2014 covering the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Highways Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and others. I never quite worked out who the others were.

I’m sure I have been sent this information in previous months but I guess I have never felt moved to investigate further before. I downloaded the file.

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Bioptics and Restricted Licences

I have participated, on behalf of EFA, in a Disabled Driver Assessment Workshop organised by CIECA (The International Commission for driver testing). It was a well organised event held on the outskirts of Amsterdam and hosted by CBR the Netherlands testing authority. Kari Hakuli President of CIECA opened the meeting. Jean-Pierre Fougère, was the Moderator for the day and began by outlining the programme.

Ruud Bredewoud, Chief Medical Officer, CBR, The Netherlands was the first speaker and made one announcement that surprised me.

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Is it time to update MSAs Terms of Business for ADIs?

bus-lane-sign-timesI was recently talking to an MSA member who asked what happens if a pupil goes into a bus lane, during its period of operation, on a driving test. Answer – Most likely the test candidate will fail and a fixed penalty notice may be on its way.

Who pays? The answer is of course the vehicle keeper named in the log book – unless of course they have an

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Sales calls on the move

Earlier today I was forwarded an email and I responded, I have edited some of this exchange to protect the identity of the sender: 

Good Afternoon

I wonder if you can help to point me in the right direction.

XXXXXXX have launched a new XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX and I believe it would be an ideal fit for your membership to promote to their pupils.   The product would add value to the services that your members provide.

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Trying out LPG

Ford Focus

I recently had the opportunity to test drive, for a week, a car supplied by Autogas and modified to run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). The main purpose of the loan car was for me to get an idea of how driving with LPG was different when compared with petrol.

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Trip to South Wales and the West Country

I have just returned from attending a couple of MSA meetings in Cardiff and Bristol. Both were well attended and very well organised.

Congratulations to MSA Chairmen Paddy Tyler, MSA South Wales and Colin Lilly, MSA Western  who were both re-elected.

Both meetings covered a variety of topics and there was considerable interest in the new Standards Check.

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