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Time to change gear


Claire, Karen, Carol & John Lepine. Buckingham Palace 1991

My wife Carol and I have decided that, after 35 years of working for the Motor Schools Association of Great Britain, the time has come for us to have a change of gear and we plan to retire soon after the association’s National Conference in Nottingham in March.

We hope to see as many MSA GB members there as possible so that we can thank you for the fantastic support we have received over the years.

I will not be standing for the role of President of the European Driving Schools Association (EFA) when my period of office comes to an end in May next year.

After we retire we hope to do some travelling and have a proper look at some of the places we have only been to for flying visits, spend some time in the garden and generally relax.


  1. Haydn Jenkins Haydn Jenkins

    congratulations on your decision , hope you and Carol have many years of happy retirement, I’m sure Carol has some DIY jobs lined up for your attention.

    • Carol Lepine Carol Lepine

      Plenty of them Haydn.

  2. Tom Kwok Tom Kwok

    Dear John,
    Thank you for all the years you came down to London and talked to our members.
    We always enjoyed your presentations. You are always welcome in London now and in the future.
    Happy retirement young man, hope you can have a proper look at places this time.
    BTW my garden always need someone to pamper.

    • Thanks for your kind words Tom it was always a pleasure to come to London.

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