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drowsy-drivingI have just been asked whether a Driving Instructor can continue to teach after being diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

The answer is that there are no extra medical requirements for driving instructors over those for ordinary drivers. With exception of a slightly increased distance on the number plate reading test.

So if DVLA are satisfied a driving instructor is medically fit to drive then they are ok to instruct. (providing they meet the eyesight test) A person can be fined up to £1,000 if they don’t tell DVLA about a medical condition.

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Do I need to attend for my Standards Check?

DVSA ADI LogoI spoke to a member the other day who asked “do I need to attend for my Standards Check?” of course you do I said unless you have a very good reason to postpone it, why wouldn’t you attend? I went on to state how important the test was to maintain standards and then I went on a bit about the person’s  sense of responsibility and then I went on a bit more.

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Is it time to update MSAs Terms of Business for ADIs?

bus-lane-sign-timesI was recently talking to an MSA member who asked what happens if a pupil goes into a bus lane, during its period of operation, on a driving test. Answer – Most likely the test candidate will fail and a fixed penalty notice may be on its way.

Who pays? The answer is of course the vehicle keeper named in the log book – unless of course they have an

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Trip to South Wales and the West Country

I have just returned from attending a couple of MSA meetings in Cardiff and Bristol. Both were well attended and very well organised.

Congratulations to MSA Chairmen Paddy Tyler, MSA South Wales and Colin Lilly, MSA Western  who were both re-elected.

Both meetings covered a variety of topics and there was considerable interest in the new Standards Check.

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