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Month: March 2015


drowsy-drivingI have just been asked whether a Driving Instructor can continue to teach after being diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

The answer is that there are no extra medical requirements for driving instructors over those for ordinary drivers. With exception of a slightly increased distance on the number plate reading test.

So if DVLA are satisfied a driving instructor is medically fit to drive then they are ok to instruct. (providing they meet the eyesight test) A person can be fined up to £1,000 if they don’t tell DVLA about a medical condition.

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Bad news for jobsworths

Parking personI’m probably being a bit harsh but I’m sure those council parking attendants get some satisfaction out of their jobs they always seem to be smiling when they’re issuing tickets.

I was shopping in Manchester city centre last year having paid and displayed in an on road parking bay. I was returning to my car when I saw the parking attended place the ticket on the windscreen. “I’m sorry I’m late back but its only two minutes don’t you have any discretion.” I said the attendant replied, with a smile “We allow drivers two minutes, you are three minutes late.” So that was that thirty quid lighter (half the fine because I paid quickly) and I have not been back to shop in the city centre since.

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